Frequently Asked Questions


1. When will I receive payouts of voucher sale proceeds?

According to procedures of our payment processor, Stripe, payouts are daily and the first one occurs 7 days after successful payment registration with Stripe.

2. How do I book and pay tax on sold vouchers?

We recommend consulting your lawyer or accountant when it comes to bookkeeping and tax issues. To the best of our knowledge, when selling multipurpose voucher, tax liability occurs only when they are being redeemed by customers. Then you know what VAT tax is due depending on the purchased good.

3. How can I terminate my cooperation with Lunch Next? Are there any additional fees?

You can opt out of using the platform at any time at no additional cost.

Creating Vouchers to sell online

4. I would like to sell vouchers for multiple restaurants registered under the same entity.

We can connect multiple venues to the same payment registration. In order to do that, after you have registered payments in one Lunch Next account, please create another Lunch Next account and let us know at which email address corresponds to which venue. We will configure the accounts so that they are connected to the same Stripe payment registration.

5. I am unable to set the password and log in.

After clicking on the password reset link you received by email, please make sure the two passwords you entered are identical and have more than 8 characters. In case of persisting problems, please get in touch at

6. I would like to create a voucher but I can't see my country / city / business category.

Not a problem! While creating your voucher we will add your country / city / business category.

Selling Vouchers online

7. How are vouchers being delivered to customers?

By email.

8. How will I be notified of newly sold vouchers?

Every time you sell a voucher, you will receive a notification email from Lunch Next.

9. Customer has not received their voucher by email.

After making sure the voucher hasn't landed in the SPAM folder (or other folders such as Promotions, Offers, etc.), please let the customer contact us at from the email address they used when purchasing the voucher to request for the voucher to be sent again to the same or a different email address.

10. Customer provided incorrect email address when purchasing the voucher.

Please let the customer contact us at

11. Can I receive a receipt or invoice after purchasing a voucher?

The place voucher was purchased from is the voucher seller. Lunch Next is not a party to the transaction and does not receive funds from the sale of vouchers. In order to receive a VAT invoice / receipt, please contact the seller - contact details are available on the voucher website.

12. Can I receive an invoice for fees paid to the payment operator, Stripe?

If you need to receive such an invoice, please contact us

13. Can I return a voucher I purchased?

Voucher, as a digital good that is not saved on a tangible medium, is not refundable.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch at